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Three Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Three great new tools for site managers…

“Can you reset my password? It’s not working for me.”

“Why can’t I login?”

“The site isn’t working!”

“What is this, Fort Knox??”

Sound familiar? If you’re a site manager, you probably see these messages many, many times a day (or even many times an hour). The fact is that no matter how often you explain the login process, whether it be by phone, e-mail, postcards, FAQ pages, webinars, or sky writing, you probably still get those messages. Often, the user hasn’t authenticated her account yet and just needs to go through First Time Login to set up a password. You’ll be happy to know that iModules is doing its part to help. With the August Product Release, we are updating the Reset Password message for members who attempt to reset their password by entering an e-mail address, but enter an e-mail address that isn’t recognized by the system. The new message will better explain why the system isn’t recognizing the user’s e-mail address and will prompt them to try First Time Login, hopefully before firing off an angry e-mail to you.

Also in the August Release, you’ll find a new functionality we’re calling Member Sessions. This enhancement solves some tricky problems associated with “partial logouts” on your site. A user’s login will now be tied to a unique session and that session will be tracked across your site. If the same user logs in using a different browser or computer, a new session is created that doesn’t conflict. Also, a new auto-logout checkbox will be available when you’re building direct access to events and forms. Checking the box will make sure that non-members are logged out when they complete the registration or form.  You can learn more about this enhancement and many other great things coming next week by checking out the August Release video.

Interested to know how your online engagement data compares to your peers? Take a look at the recently released iModules 2011 Annual Report. A grid on page 2 of the report shows average open rates, event registrations, donations, and overall connections. It’s a good starting point for setting your 2012/2013 web communications goals. We’re always looking for ways to help our clients measure their success. Did you find the information in the Annual Report helpful? What criteria is your institution using to measure engagement?