It’s gonna be a great September

Link-up with LinkedIn

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re pretty excited over here about our new integration with LinkedIn. And I have to say, there’s plenty of reasons for our enthusiasm. We know that anything which helps our clients keep their constituent database up to date is a plus. Our integration with LinkedIn not only makes it easier for you to collect updated data, it also allows your members to get more out of their relationship with your institution.

It’s no secret that career networking and alumni mentoring are huge trends in alumni relations these days. In this difficult job market, alums and students are looking to their alma mater to provide them with career networking opportunities and employment assistance. Incorporating LinkedIn into your online community is one way you can begin to meet this growing demand.  If you missed our LinkedIn webinar this week, you can watch it now on the client community. It’s well worth your time and full of great tips for making LinkedIn an effective and integral part of your outreach to both alumni and students.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Are you sick and tired of dealing with non-member records? You are not alone. Those pesky little non-members tend to make a mess of things. Clients have told us that although Identity Checkpoint certainly helps, it doesn’t fully solve the problem of duplicate member records. So in the September product release we’re rolling out our new non-member merge capability to help manage the non-member record conundrum.

More details about this great new tool can be found in the September Product Release notes. We’ve also put together a short video tutorial for a quick peek at how it works.

Another fantastic update coming with the September release is event registration update. If you aren’t jumping for joy, you will be soon when you see it in action. Not only can you give members the ability to edit their registrations by using a link in their confirmation e-mails but the changes they make WON’T MESS UP YOUR EVENT REPORTING. Now are you jumping? Check out the details in the September Product Release notes. It’ll put a big smile on your face


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