Are You Making an Impact?

Go To An Impact Group This Year!

It’s time again to register for the fall Impact Group sessions. If you’ve never attended one of these peer networking meetings, I highly recommend that you consider checking it out. The Impact Group meetings are a kind of Sizzler roadshow. You have an opportunity to meet your peers in the industry, learn new ideas for using the Encompass tools, hear about upcoming releases, and consult directly with iModules staff. All packed into one very productive day. The best part is these sessions are FREE. The agenda will cover key areas such as e-mail marketing, event management, data management, as well as product development and client idea exchanges. As an iModules client, I always found these meetings to be a valuable source of new ideas and networking opportunities, so I’m really excited about co-hosting sessions this year at Le Moyne College on October 9 and Pratt Institute on October 23. Visit the Impact Group information page for the full schedule and registration links.

The Impact of Usability

I’ve been working on site audits this week and thinking a great deal about the importance of web usability. I find that this is an area of site management that often gets lost in the towering list of priorities that the average web manager faces on a daily basis. But it’s one of the single most important things you can do to drive (and keep) traffic on your site. In his book, “Don’t Make Me Think”, Steve Krug does an excellent job of explaining how to quickly assess the usability of your site and gives some straightforward advice about how to make improvements. Some of his advice is what most site managers already know, such as:

  • web users don’t read, they scan. And therefore…
  • most of the words on your site are just taking up space
  • everything important on your site should be obvious at a glance, but…
  • your site shouldn’t look like Las Vegas

Even though we all know this, it can be difficult to get a handle on it. Krug’s book does a great job of explaining where to start and provides some easy to remember tricks for improving usability when designing or redesigning your site. The best thing of all about “Don’t Make Me Think” is it’s a quick and enjoyable read.


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